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About Us

All of our technicians have been personally trained and are fully certified to ensure your issue will be resolved. We provide a personalized, friendly experience that our customers love just read our reviews! LFcomputers has built a strong foundation with an exemplary reputation in the community from our unsurpassed quality of work and overall satisfaction of our clientele. We know referrals are the best way to grow a business and make it a point to exceed our customer expectations. We’ve invested heavily in the latest and greatest equipment and training to ensure your computer is fixed properly and more reliable than ever.

What We Do

What “We Do” is actually much different than what you would think. The focus that we have and then intent behind the business seems to be a thing of “days long past.” Society in the past  had the business philosophy that “if i provide a good service at fair price and constantly work hard will lead to long tern success.” These days that concept has been long forgotten, weather it be to faster pace of life or whatever, but the fact does remain that many businesses stopped looking to retain their most valuable asset, you, the customer.

This is a sad reality and has become the point we have have built ourselves around, doing honest good work that people can appreciate, and not chasing the fast dollar. When presented with the opportunity to transform into a mobile business there was no hesitation.

To us it was the evolution of a faulty idea. It was the ability to take the next step and go from a stagnant model to a dynamic one where we could change the structure of how computer repair was performed. The standard we had fought against in the past was you needed to un-plug all of your expensive computers parts, transport it at risk of further damage, leave it for excessively long times, and pay far too much entry level workmanship.

As much as we could, we did do our best at making sure work was completed fast and not keeping devices a week if it would take an hour, low cost of services, etc, but it was not until we switched to the mobile concept that we could do things right.

Now, we can eliminate the problem we saw in the past, like unnecessary damage from moving the computer or re-connecting it incorrectly, and to take the time to educate customers on the new parts or just to help with basic maintenance they can do to extend its good working condition.

What To Expect

The way er like to work starts by scheduling same day appointment as much as possible, sometimes next day if not. We charge only a flat rate with no minimums or trip fees. we just dont see the point of getting paid for time we didnt work. Also, with the “mobile” idea we can get through work very quickly, usually in about an hour for most jobs, and have less cost to operate and so we have lowered the costs of what we charge to $100 per hour at residences. Our certified technicians are also train in business technology taking care of all office needs regardless the size too, we do ask $150 per hour for Business IT Services.

We always do a free diagnostic at the beginning of every visit and quote you for the amount of time it will take and cost of any parts that may be required. You can even watch as the technician fixes your computer as we do almost all work onsite. Then, before we leave we will make sure to show you how to operate and maintain the improvements to your machine. After that we guarantee all of our work for 90 days. We also offer phone support for any issues that you may have and we even have the ability to do some jobs through a connection to your computer called a Remote Service, It is important to us that we be able to continue to help with your technology needs in the future as we grow in the local community.

What Else Can We Do?

Computer repair is the main point of out business with virus or malware removal, and hardware or software upgrades being allot allot of what we do, but we also can do allot more. For instance, we can help with the connection of other devices like printers and scanners. We can provide help with the connection of wireless devices and the wireless network setup or signal strength issue that are a common problem.

We can even in cases of a major hard drive failures retrieve precious files and data that most would usually think is lost information. Part of our preventative services we offer is to make sure the setting have all be set properly so that we have the ability to later correct these breaks that would cause the loss of irreplaceable files.

It all starts with the simply calling and making an appointment, so if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to anywhere we can. We have links to our comments page and social media channels. We will stay can also keep you updated on current tech news by following our blog pages.