Computer Repair

Chip sets and RAM

Component Replacement:

Computer Repair is when we have to open the exterior case and physically check the hardware, or physical components making up the structure of a machine. Most of these parts are made to be interchangeable as they can and do wear out over time. They consist of more critical elements like a mother board, audio and video cards, or power supply. It also includes what would seem less valuable to the system as a whole such as air fans and network adapters that actually play extremely vital roles. And of course the data

storage includes long term memory called a hard drive, and short term called RAM that the CPU uses to process information.

Our technicians are industry trained and certified making them extremely capable of assisting in the selection new hardware. We will make sure that the replacements will be suited to your specific use, and help you avoid getting components that are under-powered or over-optioned based on your needs. These parts can be very sensitive and something as simple as static electricity and improper handling can ruin them before even being installed. Considering how delicate some are, along with them also being sharp and/or fast moving, we do not recommend anyone replace parts on themselves.

A trained technician would be more than happy to help you all while in the convenience of your home or office. Our staff is trained in replacing these parts and will also take the time to explain the new component and how they operate. Not only do we always make sure to leave you with all associated registration, warranty, or key code but we also will help by explaining any basic maintenance that could help ensure proper function for a long time. The important part is that we will provide this assistance by coming to your home or office and can performed same day, making the repairs not only fast, but affordable too.

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