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Damaged Drive Restoration:

Data Recovery Service seems to be an increasing topic of discussion. It is becoming very common that when a hard drive storage  does fail from having been not properly maintained the data very difficult if not impossible to recover. Proper settings and formatting along with maintenance extend the life of a hard drive significantly. Also, when properly trained the operating conditions of a hard drive can have indicators that a failure will be happening soon.

For instance, a hard drive that is accessing files slowly but sounds like it is running very fast, is a bad sign and you should call us as soon as possible. This is more common a ‘hard disk’ type storage because it has a metal disk inside that it writes information on it with a magnetic stylus. A ‘solid state’ type drive has no moving parts and will last considerably longer but will cost more.

When Did You Back Up Your Files?

Have you ever been the victim of a hard drive erasing virus? Lake Forest Computer Repair Data Recovery Services has the remedy for your feelings of despair. Take advantage of the expertise and experience our technicians have in recovering data from failing and failed hard drives.

A few more symptoms to watch out for are: if you can hear a clicking sound similar to a clock’s second hand ticking, if the hour glass symbol seems to spin forever when opening programs and accessing data, or if before Windows loads you see an error message that reads “hard drive failure is imminent backup data now.” We recommend that you not try to make a backup of the data yourself but shutdown and unplug the power cable from the computer.

It’s important to know that the longer your hard drive is plugged in, the more damage it’s doing to itself. We know the importance and sentimental value of your files, we have invested substantially in state of the art equipment to give our clients the highest possibility of getting all their data recovered.

We do offer both the ‘pre’ and ‘post’ failure options. If it has already failed give us a call and we will do everything possible. But, by making an appointment before this happens, we will adjust the setting to make sure that the data will not be lost. We will also perform maintenance needed by the drive and show you anything that would help extend the life or warning signs to look out for that signal imminent failure.

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