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 Gigabyte Aorus 270x Gaming 9 or 370x Gaming 7?

Gigabyte Motherboard 270

 Unless you have a very specific intent, there isn’t much searching needed for a standard motherboard. Most home systems could get by with the “flavor of the week” sale item at your local big box store or perhaps from any of a millions of online companies clearing out old stock would be ok.


 Let’s say that we do have a specific need, one that would could have a highly functional chipset, handle a massive video card and should you choose to, overclock the bejesus out of it. This basically leaves us with a top performing gaming computer motherboard. Come on, it’s just more fun this way, rather than discuss the “best deal” possible for a “vanilla” box brand version.


 These new boards by Gigabyte really caught my eye. I have always had a thing for Gigabyte as they have always provided be a solid product that would really take some punishment and still keep on going. With the addition of features like RGBw LEDs and the new USB 3.1 Gen 2 it’s hard to pass this one up. Aside from looking absolutely wicked,  does it have the appeal for to justify not going with the 270 rev. 9 board. The 270 and 370 Intel chipset are very similar, almost the same in fact. when considering the price difference.

 The only real practical difference is the jump from USB 2.0 to 3.1 as it effectively doubles the speed.  The new USB Type-C does allow for external devices up to 100 watts and jumping the speed up from 5 Gbps to 10 Gbps. The connectors are also more easily indexed so the often difficult task of finding the right way up won’t be a problem anymore.  This is decidedly a very nice feature, but is it enough to justify the extra cash?


 One other feature that caught my eye was the 370 will support the faster RAM. Now it may not be a huge step up in performance but if you like fast ram the DDR4-2666 won’t disappoint. The 270 is still very respectable though, as it will take the DDR4-2400 RAM. Assuming that we would want to stick with the Intel processor and not go with the Ryzen Threadripper by AMD (which I will get into at another time) , are we really talking about a substantial difference here? The cost of RAM is between those speeds can obviously fluctuate and if I found an amazing sale then it might push me to decide on the 370 board.

Gigabyte Motherboard All in all, I would say that since we are considering this from a highly specialized use of machinery, then so would to be the gamer. That being said, the feature the 370 has overthe 270 with the USB speed and supporting faster RAM it’s enough of a difference that a solid gamer would be able to benefit from.

 Either way you go, it will be a rock solid product with all the bells and whistles. Both these boards overclock well and are extremely adaptable, and would d make an amazing base to so off your machine. But, you can’t argue with flat out speed, so in the end my overall choice would the 370 based on the RAM and the USB options alone.

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