Computer Cables with color

Wireless Communication:

 Networking Services deal with what your computer needs to be connected to the internet. Not only your computer, but also the ever increasing number of amazing devices that are developed each year. This is a multi  step process as these devices require good signal “strength” and  “speed”.

Both are a product of how quickly do the devices need to receive the information from the internet and how far will they be from the source of the wireless signal. We can advise in choosing the devices so that you can get the full range and speed for your specific needs and situations.

Not all homes and offices are the same. Things like what the walls are made of and how many walls between the signal must travel through play a big role. Another factor that can cause signal problems is the placement of other devices or appliances. This could be caused by things like microwave ovens, cordless home phones and much more. Knowing what these sources of signal interference are so we can place the router properly will make your internet use much quicker and more enjoyable.

Hardware upgrades such as wireless routers and signal extenders also help  send the wi-fi signal over longer distances, but this can also be misleading. In situations where the signal is actually good but being interfered with upgrades will only be a waste of money. By scheduling one of our tech, they will be on-site to assess and recommend the best plan of action possible. We will also show you what may be causing  a problems with you signal so that in the future you will be able to place these devices so that they do not interfere with each other.

Business Services:

We are also full business IT service and management experts. Our technicians are trained in all areas ranging from  networking just a few computers for faster file sharing, to full server install/operation/management. We offer the same detail oriented  commitments we do residential customers. We can make IT solutions easier on you and allow you to focus on running your business.

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