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Slow Computer:

   Have you noticed a change in the performance of your computer or it stops responding and locks up on you? If you’ve noticed a difference in opening programs or loading web pages, chances are you have a virus. You might have opened an email attachment or installed programs that had one hidden inside.

Even if you have an antivirus program, you may still be the victim of a virus or worm wreaking inevitable havoc on your system. Many “well known” companies have steadily declined in their programming to prevent and catch viruses from coming in or on your hard drive.

This is why Lake Forest Computer Repair makes it a top priority to stay current and up to date on the latest programs and definitions to give ourselves as well as our clients a fighting chance in protecting their precious files. We’ve found that taking a holistic approach to virus removal is the best course of action. For every service appointment, each technician at LFcomputers is required to have a stethoscope to ensure they’re able to diagnose and remedy the root of the problem. Unfortunately, there’s not any one program that is going to protect or prevent a virus from infecting and it is why we deploy several of the best and latest programs for all virus removals. We guarantee all of our work so please stop wasting money on antivirus programs and call today!

Computer Optimization is when any one part of a system has it’s individual  functioning changed so that the end result causes the system as whole to function better. It mostly just rates to the over all health of the computer. This can be increased through many different ways but most of which are just general maintenance, but  also a few tricks and setting changes that most people wouldn’t even be aware of


We love offering this service because we find allot of people suffer from a slow computer and benefit from this tremendously. Computer optimization will make your machine run better, and by keeping up with this service, it will  make your parts last longer thereby saving money.

This is achieved by cleaning the inside of the machine to get rid  of dust that accumulates, “de-bloating” files, removing and storing old files not used anymore, and upgrading or installing newer versions driver software. We will be there with you so that we can find out exactly what you use and what you do not.

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