Remote Service

Cell phone tower

Long Distance Fixes:

Remote Services is great tool we can utilize in providing faster service especially after normal business hours. You may be surprised to know that issues can even be resolved remotely. No need to worry about unscrupulous persons getting in, all remote users need your unique access code that is only available to you. Here is a small example of how it all works. It all starts by downloading our remote software specifically chosen for your protection.

The customer initializes the service and when the connection is made our technicians can run a diagnostic, change system settings and download missing or needed files for you. We like to use this service in cases involving warranty issues or troubleshooting hardware based concerns. Problems are then pinpointed so we bring the correct parts to come out to finish the repair as quick as possible.

 Tune Up Time:

Remote service is also the basis for our “tune up” service. In which we include the basics like a comprehensive diagnostic and virus/malware detection removal and repair. We go beyond the standards and include antivirus and malware scanners, and then we “de-bloat” your system of excessive or un-used files. By replacing software upgrades with the newer versions our tune up will have your computer running much faster and safer. This is a perfect alternative for someone with a busy schedule or night job; we will always go out of our way to work with you!

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