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Drivers and Operators:

Software today  has a wide variety of meanings, but will refer the operation and function programming. It will connect the functioning of systems part together so that through a user based control can produce such thing as letter type on a screen or the operation of a blue-ray player. Many of the programs we rarely ever use until there is a problem. Causes of these types of problems can stem from the system, or individual program upgrading themselves.

New Software: Upgrading to a newer version of software or the addition of a new program is another way we are able to help. Loading the program and setup can be complicated. We can help you navigate the options to best fit your needs and not load down your computer with needless programming. An example of such programs would be Microsoft Office, Windows, and Internet Explorer, all of which are very popular and used world wide everyday. This list should also make mention of other like the many anti-virus programs, which scan and remove other harmful programs.

Device Installation: Adding a new device such as a printer or a scanner can also be a challenge, especially since most have both new external device to setup and software to install. We as a service do provide the option of installing these devices for you by setting up the software, connecting to your wifi and making sure you are well educated in how it all works.