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Virus Removal and Repair

What is Virus Removal?

Virus Removal really has two parts, detection and removal. First, what is a virus? A computer virus has been defined as an intrusive program not intended to be on a computer that once there will start to copy and replicate its own code filling up storage and eating the data once there. This could cause loss of data, but also damage the storage device and cost money by having to then have the virus removed.

Malware, on the other hand, has a similar start, but instead of causing damage, it hides and waits in the hidden areas so that it can collect information and send it back to its original source. These days, the terms have become intertwined. For most computers a off the shelf anti-virus will for detection and will notify you of a virus.

Avira makes a free one that we recommend, it is just as good if not better than purchased programs. The problem is that by the time it takes procedure to allow these products into stores the virus code has already been adapted to not allow removal from the system. Through various industry affiliates are able to get the removal codes much faster and then can be effective at protecting your system. If you suspect your computer to have a virus please contact us as soon as possible to prevent serious damage